Painted White Vase and Candle Holders

Posted by The Phoenix in DIY Projects, September 11, 2010

Hey this is the first DIY post for The Red Bird Life. Nothing ground breaking here but it opens up the door for all the great projects we are lining up to share with you, our readers, as we prepare to move to our new home.

We have a few home decor items laying around the house that have worn their welcome. Originally we bought a bunch of items in Arizona when we were staging our first home back when we sold it in 2008. We got a wide range of accessories from fake plants to vases and even some little decorative suitcases.

Some of these items are just in need of a new look. With the impending move to our next house, 3rd house in as many years, we are preparing for another round of decorating but this time with a little more thought. So this past week we got out our trusty white spray paint and grabbed the first set of items to get a makeover.

White Spray Paint is Magic

It is amazing what white spray paint can do to change the look of an item. The candle holders and the vase both get a dramatically different look with the clean white spray paint.

We used a spray paint primer mainly because of the dark colors on the vase and the varying materials on the candlesticks (they are covered in leather in the middle). Once we had a dry coat of primer, on went the white spray paint. We ended up using two coats for complete coverage. Basically spray the objects as directed and let dry. Usually you’ll notice a few spots you missed, so give them another coat.  Always make sure to keep a distance of at least 8 inches or so to avoid pooling the paint and the dreaded drip marks.

We decided on white for now, but these kind of items would be perfect for adding a splash of color to your home.  And now that we’ve got them primed and painted white, two coats of the colors of our choice will make an easy addition, once we decide what we’re doing in our living room.

But for now, the white is a nice, eye-pleasing change.  We look forward to finding a home for these refreshed items in our new home.

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