White Chicken Enchiladas

Posted by Vanessa in Cooking, November 13, 2009

White Chicken Enchiladas were on the menu this week when we had friends over for dinner. From the moment I read the recipe, I just knew I had to try them, and fast. Originally, I was planning to make a simple pasta for our company to make it a little easier on me since I knew I’d be cleaning too before our guests arrived. But no, once I saw these and my mouth started watering, it was the end of me. I buckled up the kids and away we went to the store for the ingredients.

Now this took way longer than the pasta I’d been planning. Like an hour and a half longer. But it was totally worth it. I’m already wondering how long I have to wait before I whip ’em up again. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow sounds perfect. My husband even recommended we skip a traditional turkey for Thanksgiving and make these with turkey in them instead. Not a bad idea.

Only two recipe modifications…I used flour tortillas instead of corn because that’s what we prefer and I skipped putting the jalapeno pepper in and used a yellow bell pepper. I don’t think I’d put a bell pepper in them again. The flavor didn’t mesh as well as I’d wanted, but other than that, these are delicious.

And I’m sorry there’s no picture for these, but sometimes we’re too hungry for pictures. Pioneer Woman never leaves us lacking for pictures though, so check hers out in the recipe.

Have a great weekend!

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