White Chicken Chili with a Cheddar Hushpuppy Crust

Posted by Vanessa in Cooking, November 9, 2009

Recently we’ve found quite a few ‘keepers’ to add to our list of regulars from our kitchen. White Chicken Chili with a Cheddar Hushpuppy Crust is no exception. Matt and I had been wanting white chicken chili for a couple weeks now, but I’ve never made it before and didn’t have a recipe for it. This is what I found that sounded worth trying on www.foodnetwork.com. Now, I have no idea who Gaynell Lawson is (the author of the recipe), but I do know he makes a rockin’ chicken chili and just the sound of the word hushpuppy makes me drool.

Both the chili and the cornbread crust had fantastic flavor on their own and together… yum. I had a second helping and my husband, the guy who eats like a bird compared to most men, went back for thirds! Now if that doesn’t shout, “Try me!” I don’t know what will.

Recipe notes:

1. As far as ingredients in the chili go, I used northern beans instead of cannellini and I shredded the cooked chicken instead of cubing it.

2. For the hushpuppy crust, I used a box of Jiffy cornbread mix instead of the recommended brand and didn’t put it all in since those boxes are a couple ounces more than the box the recipe calls for. I was nervous about how it would turn out since I didn’t measure exactly, but for no reason. It was yummy and cooked up quite well.

3. I don’t have a cast iron skillet yet, so I used my Dutch oven and it worked beautifully. I love that thing 🙂

4. We garnished the dish with avocado and sour cream. And in my daughter’s case, she garnished her sour cream with some chili. My brother would be so proud.

So, thanks, Gaynell Lawson, for adding to our list of ‘regulars’. Well, for the fall and winter at least. Anyone who knows me well knows that, as a rule, I DO NOT eat chili in the summer. It just isn’t right.

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