Bunny Cake

Posted by Vanessa in Cooking, March 28, 2017

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bunny cake

Ah, it’s been so long.

I think about getting back to posting recipes from time to time, but caring for our five kids has had my main focus – and pretty much all my time – for awhile.  But I would love to get some of our new favorites on the blog, so I think I’m going to try.

No promises though.

And today isn’t even a recipe…

I made a bunny cake last Easter for the first time and the kids thought it was such fun.  We don’t do much in the way of bunnies and eggs and such because the reason we celebrate is truly only about the resurrection of our Savior.  But I thought it might be a fun dessert to try, and the little ones loved it.  Since Easter is quickly approaching again, I thought I’d share, and maybe inspire myself a little too.

All that’s needed is 2 baked round cakes and icing of your choice, a few chocolate chips and some pink candies.  You could absolutely get fancier in the decorating, but I’d had a baby a few weeks before Easter last year, so simple was all I could muster.  I cut the ears from one of the cakes, arranged the bunny on a cutting board, frosted and decorated.  That’s it.  Simple and fun.  Just make sure to have extra candies for the people who don’t get ear pieces.

I speak from experience.

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