My Current Lunch of Choice

Posted by Vanessa in News, June 14, 2010

Looking at this makes my mouth water.  It’s been my choice for lunch almost everyday for the past two weeks and I don’t see getting tired of it anytime soon.

It’s like the avocado adds the creaminess that’s missing since I’m not a mayo fan, and the cheese another element to elevate this BLT adaptation to something special.

We sit down for lunch everyday, and when I take the first bite, I think I pretty much always say to my daughter, “Wow, this is amazing.”  She just kind of looks at me funny since currently she’s not an avocado or tomato lover, but someday, maybe even later this summer when we have fresh tomatoes from our garden, she’ll understand why I get so excited about this sandwich, every single day.

If you want to create pure awesomeness too, here’s what I do:

Toast your bread, then as soon as it pops, put a cheddar cheese slice (preferably sharp, but mild will do) on each piece of bread so it will melt just a little while you assemble the sandwich, then add sliced avocado, tomato and crispy bacon to your heart’s content.  Lettuce, of course, works too, I just didn’t have any on hand the day I took this picture.  Cut at a diagonal, because that makes it taste better, and revel in how awesome your lunch is today.

The end.

So what’s your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

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