A Pretty Failure

Posted by Vanessa in News, June 23, 2010

The Phoenix loves Boston Cream Pie.  I didn’t even know what it was until after I met him, but because I love the guy, I’ve tried to become familiar with it.  So when I saw cute little individual ones featured on Design Sponge one day, I bookmarked the page and decided I’d pull out the big guns on a special day.

I learned a few things this past Father’s Day.

First, these bad boys are a whole lot of work.  As in, I even had to clean my mixing bowl and whisk attachment in the middle of making the cake batter and throughout the whole recipe I used all but one of the mixing bowls that I own, in every size.  The kitchen was a wreck.

And second, maybe a design website isn’t the best place to get a recipe.  I followed the chocolate ganache recipe to a T twice, and I could not get it to set right.  After the last attempt, I just decided to make it an icing and threw in about a half a bag of powdered sugar.  Problem solved.  Oh, but the pudding.  I don’t know what happened there, but somehow it went way past the point of custard and more into something like a jell-o jiggler.  I actually put it in the microwave on defrost to try to get it soft enough to spread on the cake.

So although it may look pretty, I’d give this dessert a failing grade, at least the original recipe…which I won’t be sharing with you.  It’s for your own sake, I promise.

(We have been eating the leftover cake rounds with the chocolate icing on top and garnished with raspberries, and that is quite delicious.  So maybe it wasn’t a total failure after all.)

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