How to Quickly Frost Cupcakes with Style

Posted by Vanessa in Cooking, November 21, 2009


Ever wonder if there is an easier way to frost cupcakes, something that doesn’t take as long as smoothing it on with a knife? Honestly, it never crossed my mind until I found this post and put the tutorial to good use, making cupcakes and frosting them at record speed, well, for me at least. And the super speed was only for the frosting. Baking the cupcakes didn’t go any quicker, just for the record.

To frost cupcakes quickly and with bakery style, you’ll need a Wilton 1M star tip, a gallon freezer bag and frosting. Wal-Mart carries the Wilton line, but my Wal-Mart only had the tip in a kit of many tips, but I did find it at a kitchen specialty store for less than $2.

The tutorial shown on Our Best Bites is great. Simple to understand. And I seriously think I frosted 12 cupcakes in under 90 seconds. Maybe. I didn’t time it so I can’t be sure. But super speedy fast. Now don’t those look cute, and it was only my first time. So if I can do it, you can definitely do it. Check out the tutorial and if your special someones want cupcakes for Thanksgiving dessert, you can fancy them right up.

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