Thirty-one Days

Posted by Vanessa in Cooking / The Life, September 30, 2009

It’s almost here…

Starting tomorrow, our family is taking the month off from going out to eat. No more Saturday morning breakfasts at the local diner. No more fast food for lunch for my husband. No more walks to the frozen custard place up the street. And no more saying we have nothing for dinner and off we head to Osage Beach.

We’re doing this mainly to see what kind of effect it will have on our monthly food budget. We’ll need to be more creative and definitely more motivated to make it to the grocery store so we always have something on hand. Quite frankly, I’m excited. It’s a challenge and I love challenges. I’m hoping to try many new recipes and even come up with some of my own. (I’m thinking of entering recipe contests to see if I can make some extra money.)

So here’s to having many great recipes to blog about in October. And hopefully we save a bunch of money too.

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